Tears Of Joy

A Celebration For Women Everywhere

Have you ever been in extremely frustrated, providing for your family, trying your best to juggle between work and personal life, but never quite getting the recognition or appreciation that you deserve?

Truth is, you’re amazing. You know it, and we know it. And we’re here to tell you that you deserve a life of joy and choice, and that your struggles and triumphs should be celebrated.

Join us in the The Tears of Joy event, a celebratory event for all women who have made their 2014 memorable with us. With 100 entrepreneurs & bakers for you to network with, this is an event unlike any other.

Four amazing ladies will be sharing their extraordinary journey on how they got from zero to being a hero in their own rights. They will be sharing with you their own struggles and how they managed to overcome it. These ladies have been through almost every challenge there is and have emerged as winners, and they're here to tell you on how you can do it too.

Together with our in house clinical psychologist Nabilah, we will be going through an exploratory journey that will unlock your inner potential and strength to be the figure of strength that you have always seeked out to be.

Topic 1: How To Rise Up From Any Failure In Your Life (by Dila Jazzy)

Dila Jazzy's achievements are the envy of every career woman out there. She went into business at 21 years old and has 18 years of holistic experience in divisions ranging from sales to marketing to leadership consultation.

Her biggest test came earlier this year, where she worked for a corporation that cheated some of its customers. All the goodwill & trust that she had built over the years threatened to come crashing down on her. It was the worst part of her life, and Dila spent many sleepless nights crying and wondering if she could salvage the situation.

We're proud to say that she did, and now she's back in the entrepreneurial world, bigger than ever, as the founder of De Divas Fashion.

Topic 2: Transforming Your Negative Experiences Into Positive Energy (by Isya Jumari)

Looking at the success and attention Isya is enjoying today, many never knew of her dark and difficult past. Isya suffered from many years of emotional and verbal abuse in her past relationship, and that resulted in low self esteem and made her feel unwanted. Isya started baking as a way to deal with her situation, and that was the start of a blessing in disguise

Fast forward to today, Isya is now the proud owner of Simply Sinless Creams, volunteers at multiple NPOs and is also a media personality. She never ever forgets her past, and constantly focusses on her ultimate goal to empower women to be financially independent & achieve emotional balance through baking.

Topic 3: How To Impact Many Lives Doing What You Love! (by Mak Collagen)

Sazrina aka Mak Collagen's journey began when she joined an MLM company, where she got herself in over $40,000 worth of debt and was served court summons from 2 banks. With nowhere to go, she was forced to rent out her house and move to JB

Even with all these challenges, Mak Collagen was determined to move forward and help others. She started Just Collagen which focusses on helping women restore their inner beauty. In just 2 years, they have helped over 500 women at a fraction of the usual price charged at beauty salons.

The best part? Mak Collagen says the business allows her to be with her children through every single step of their childhood!

Topic 4: Turning Your Business Into A Retail Concept (by Suriani Samad)

Suriani always had a dream - to have her own retail store. Having been a housewife for many years, she finally mustered up the courage and together with her husband, they set up SistersCookies at Jalan Mas Puteh. Their goal is to make SistersCookies not only a baking studio, but a stepping stone for young bakepreneurs to begin their journey.

Today SistersCookies is a well known name amongst the local bakers with many fans and followers, and has changed many lives through the power of baking. Even so, Suriani continues to remain humble and constantly volunteers her services at Madrasah Aljunied as part of their co curricular activities.

We will also be having 18 vendors on the day itself selling a variety of accessories, handmade goods as well as baking products. Come and join us and see what suits your taste while networking with 100 like-minded individuals there!

Leave your worries & problems aside for one day, and join us for an event that will truly change your mindset, beliefs and life.

See you on 1st November!



12.30pm – 1.00pm : Registration
1.00pm – 1.15pm : Tears Of Joy Opening Ceremony by Nabilah Bagarib
1.15pm – 2.15pm : Sharing Session 1: Dila Jazzy & Isyah Jumari
2.15pm – 2.35pm : Intermission
2.35pm – 2.45pm : Singing Performance by Suf Sufiani
2.45pm – 3.45pm : Sharing Session 2: Mak C & Suriani Samad
3.45pm – 4.00pm : Q&A Session With Speakers
4.00pm – 4.20pm : Presentation Of Donation To Club Heal
4.20pm – 4.30pm : Singing Performance by Iskandar Ismail
4.30pm – 5.00pm : Tears Of Joy Closing Ceremony by Nabilah Bagarib




1) $35 for one ticket
2) $50 for two tickets (SAVE 30%)
3) $70 for four tickets (SAVE 50%)


1. Please make transfer to POSB Savings 038-63685-5

2. SMS to 96462374 with your name, email & proof of transfer (screenshot/photo)

3. We will get confirm your seat(s) within 24 hours


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